I think all things that evoke some memory are valuable. Regardless of their material wordth, these items add a degree of coziness to the place. The first requirement for a cozy atmosphere is faithfulness. If we are faithful to our old belongins, friendships, pictures of persons or moments that we want tp capture in our memory, and if we have these in our enviroment, all of these will warm up the place we live in, make it real. A careful decoration will not be enough to make a house elegant, appealing or quality. Neither will stacking expensive furniture and other items will adequate for creating a sophisticated place. Only through care and selectivity reflected on every single detail can a sophisticated atmosphere be created. The living room of an apartment flat in a building that was constructed in the early 20th century was furnished with items reflecting the edectic taste of the time. Romantic curtains and wall paintings applied on the walls helped creating a fantastic atmosphere in the place. Golden, olive green and burgundy. The harmonious and serene grandeur created by the combination of these three colors with antique pieces is worth seeing indeed. Sometimes it is possible to integrate antique objects into architecture. These 2 marble statues formerly property of a French princess, seem to be highly conented watching the Bosphorus from the living room of this 19th Century Ottoman mansion. For me, crystal chandeliers, still life paintings, and of course, a marble chimney are the 3 essential elements of prestige in a dinning room. Burgundy was among the most favorite colors for the Ottomans. Taking the burgundy of the Usak (Holbein) carpet on the floor as a basis, we have used shades of this color all over the place in this magnificent waterside mansion. All shades of sunset were used in the reception hall of the waterside mansion. Only shades of brown, beige and amber were used in order to emphasize the colors of the Usak carpet in this coffee room facing the morning sun. Antiques were selected from Regency/Restoration periods. Ottoman calligraphies on black background complemented the serious and masculine atmosphere. The Edirne-style hope chest whispered us its many secrets of colors and patterns when we were deciding on the colors for this guest bedroom. If the location to be worked on has historical features, these features must be considered first in order to initiate the design in accordance with and respecting them. In this project, a waterside mansion dated back to 19th century was restored to its original state. Then, the interior details were enriched and decorated with antique furniture and acceessories collected individually together with neutral items designed to fit these. As in all our other works, special attention was paid to ensure that the new items designed or selected for this location did not overshadow the antiques in order to prevent an edectic cacophony. As in the case of the Feshane carpet on the floor, in our projects, some pieces are produced with original techniques of their time as true copies. In this project, antique pieces selected at different times from different countries together with the owners were used in combination. Through addition of some acceessories and paintings. Ottoman taste caressed the decoration like a transparent varnish, and the result was a completely Western design acknowledging its geographical location as well. Large and open spaces have never been appealing to me. I always find that interconnected places designed for various functions are more mystic and august. Space is constituted by height and a two dimensional map, that is, by three elements. If there is not a spesific proportion of height, it will look merely like a warehouse. I think the most suitable colors for classical atmospheres are the shades of autumn. Needless to say that the Halil Pasha painting dominated this dining room space. We heard the voice of this Ottoman maidservant in all our choices of color, locations and style. If you choose, buy, and locate each and every item in the place consiously and lovingly, even if their colors, times, styles, origins of production do not match each other, you will see that they will create harmony together. Just allow some time for these items, which were chosen by the same eyes, the same heart, and the same taste, to get used to and get along with each other. Then you will see a harmony of strong character as a result. Furniture entered the Ottoman Empire in 19th Century with a French taste. However, local carpets like Usak, Feshane carpets and Iranian and Caucasian carpets were always deeply valued by the Ottomans. It is highly difficult to become and have the customers get accustomed to using old carpets and old fabrics in decoration, however, the spirit created by eye-straining knots woven with decterity centuries ago is unlikely to be captured by any other means. Ot terms of gilded furniture, using only unaltered or properly aged ones can add quality and spirit to the place. Regilding or fake golden foils can destroy the spirit of centenary wooden items and reduce the decorations to cheap ostentations. When choosing gilded items, it is important to choose unrestored, just repaired ones. The pleasure of eating in a winter garden of ever-spring is provided by the spring themed wall painting applications and select bois-peint furniture. You can create a lovely experience even in an apartment flat with the right choice of furniture. Better if you have got beautiful antique pieces gathered through years... The first space to be seperated in a residence is the dining room. It is important to create a district space for the dining room, even if it is a small one. Even a table laid with the best porcelain and crystal tableware is full of dirty dishes at the end of the dinner and no one would want to serve coffee for their guests before such a view. If you have wood covered walls, vintage carpets, ikat fabrics, a burning chimney and ready-to-serve drinks altogether, you have a genuine counry house. Five years ago, we created this scene by hand painting a Baccarat chandelier that the owners of the residence had. Now it is quite easy to find these chandeliers. Neoclassic chimney and vases, modern paintings, Serapi carpet, dark brown leather armchairs. The harmony here is based on dark tonality. Such space with a gallery is a great opportunity. Whether modern or classic, in all arrangements, symmetry underlines the style that is expressed and creates a stable, restful, assertive, and elaborate look. Symmetrical double stairs of this 19th Century waterside mansion led us throught the entire design. From the double chimneys in the walls of the living room facing each other to the double dinner tables in the dining room, we adopted an attitude for symmetry through the space. It is impossible to compete with the beauty and finesse of the nature. The wise thing to do is to be able to stand one step behind it respectfully and enjoy life with the nature with minimum interference. When restoring buildings that lack a spesific architectural character, it is always possible to adapt them better to their environment and inhabitants with careful touches. If the project is one of the waterside mansions, which may easily be called the pearls of Bosphorus, it is an architectural duty and even an obligation to restore its facades authentically without compromise. If we manage to blend the modern with the classic and the east with the west in an zappropriate dosage, we may be able to create places which defy time and geographical location on one hand and subtely reflect the contemporary era and geography on the other hand. We used old wooden parquets with patina, imported from Italy, in this old waterside mansion on the Bosphorus. Contemporary paintings brought youth, energy and traces of modern times to the place. The blue, green, history and elegance of the Bosphorus and the serenity they compose. I believe that respecting the nature when constructing buildings is not enough. The aim should be to ensure that the building integrates with the nature by time and almost vanishes. The waterside mansions on the Bosphorus just can't get enough of the sea and green; sometimes they place their hands on their flanks and watch their woods and the Bosphorus from their second floors. Meticulous work is required to create the grandeur of the 19th century and to adapt state of the art technology to such a grandiose atmosphere. If the intention is to use gold foils, glossy silk and heavy antiques together, care must be exercised when choosing the colors in order to alleviate and neutralize this density. Shades of autumn and earth and sand tones may help the dazzling grandeur to be transformed into high-class richness. The reassuring warmth of winter and afternoon rooms may only be obtained by dark coloured veneer and dark coloured fabric. This pergola is one of the numerous small jewels of the Bosphorus. Old waterside mansions somehow always manage to meet us with the same cool hospitality and soleminity and invite us to their interior halls courteously. The sofa of the yesteryear, the couch of today, the charm of Ottoman textiles and a collection of hundreds of rosewater sprinklers most probably complement a waterside mansion on the Bosphorus, the best. As a metter of fact all we did was to gather these old friends in an atmosphere to which they are familiar. The colours of the Feshane carpet in this hall that have matured through a period of over a century, are so beautiful that one does not dare to use any other colour in the place. The throne that is manufactured in Istanbul in the 18th century follows the gravure from the same area. Modern decorations may also have words to say, a personality, self-confidence and even grandeur. Contemporary objects of arts that are chosen correctly may consitute the main theme of modern atmospheres. The colour effect won’t be overpowering, when you choose red in every sofas and chairs. In a space with neutral colours, any other colour will be more striking. It is always possible to use modern styles in a warm and lively way. Within post modern buildings, using Ottoman work of art in a post modern style has both a determined and a dynamic effect. Even in modern settings, it is possible to create a cozy atmosphere through the use of colours As a widely accepted neutral colour, beige creates a genuine comfort zone when chosen alone. In contrast with classical settings, the main characteristic of modern settings is open space. We need to design bedrooms to set a quiet mood, bearing in mind that we use these places to relax. When using classical and modern designs together, it is necessary that one takes precedence over the other. This gives an authenticity to eclectic settings. Modern designs always need to emphasize quality in their design and production. Indeed, their straightforward nature means that any imperfection is immediately noticeable. When corridors and passages are used in the appropriate manner, they do not waste space but open up and refresh living areas. This extraordinarily beautiful gigantic satsuma cube is like the apartment’s center of gravity. When details from East and West are combined together in appropriate measures they create the atmosphere of a lifestyle that harmonizes with Turkish culture. The black and white features of Marmara marble are so powerful that their use together in a small setting conditions the whole design. For centuries, marble has been adding value to bathrooms. This pool reflects the serenity of the garden in which it stands and the immense Bursa plain that it faces. A setting of character is a prerequisite in modern decoration and therefore neutral furniture and fabrics may fail to match the setting’s charm. Oversized design objects, repetitions, and the appropriate quality of materials can create a splendid effect in the interiors of modern spaces. Such a large swimming pool can somehow satisfy the longing for the sea. Simplicity in an office area brings the quality of professionalism to the fore and is sufficiently appealing for a business context. While designing some settings we pay attention to the allure of the building’s interior, and when it is a historical building every choice must be carefully made. The living room symmetrically designed as an open space, animates the minimal effect of white with some object of art and family tenderness. In a neutral, modern space, it is still possible to create an impressive and refined ambience provided one pays attention to the balance of power between the furniture and the works of art.